What We Do
We partner with clients to drive value creation by unearthing new consumer insights using Machine Learning tools.
Our Bayesian Marketing Mix Models let you make predictive recommendations on levers to grow sales, optimize spending and ROI and understand saturation and decay curves, as well as de-risk your portfolio strategy.
How We Do It

We use State-Of-Art Bayesian Inference and Marketing Mix Modeling

Using a Bayesian approach in Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) lets us explain a dependent variable (like sales) with historical marketing investment and other external variables, adding our client's prior information about the market, so that we can reach the best performance even with narrow amounts of data points.
NoiseGrasp for every use case
Our highly-scalable and automated processes allow turnaround times of 6-8 weeks in average and the ability to build and deploy models massively across multiple clients, brand and geographies. We have created specific tools that work based on expert knowledge and benchmarks, ideal for quick RFP responses when no or very limited data is available.
For Advertisers
Bring the most advanced marketing analytics to your organization, without settling for generic decks and recommendations that look nice but end up lost in your inbox. Our easy-to-use simulation and optimization software brings our insights to life, at a fraction of the cost and time of other so-called “best-in-class” solutions.
Why NoiseGrasp? We have invested more than 200,000 work-hours on a team of highly trained PhDs, Engineers and Marketers in research, development, testing, and validation destined to develop the most sophisticated Marketing Analytics Engine in the market. This lets us have scalability and deliver models within 6-8 weeks without sacrificing accuracy.
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