Why Does NoiseGrasp exist?
The Problem
Most data analytic companies require large amounts of resources (money and people) and rely on “off the shelf” model technologies to solve problems.Other AI company algorithms are obsolete given new privacy policies and/or generate overwhelming amounts of data, but lack insights into consumer behavior or business solutions.
The Solution
Since its inception, NoiseGrasp focused single-mindedly on modeling what drives consumer behavior. Machine Learning and AI has always been a mean rather than an end, in our pursue to improving modeling speed, accuracy, breadth and depth.The constant iteration and “what-if” thinking allows for deeper understanding of consumer behavior. NoiseGrap’s models are all uniquely customized and delivered within 6-8 weeks with less cost and data churn (i.e. no pain).We are proud that we resisted the temptation to jump on the wave of personal data crunching and instead focused on providing clients with insights and solutions on how to drive brand, business and profit growth. We know executives today are almost always trying to solve for more growth.
Our Story
Once upon a time, there was a group of innovators who had a simple but challenging question: How could they productize a traditionally consultative process, make it scalable, and reduce production costs, all while delivering high-quality service to their clients? And so, we founded NoiseGrasp, a company that would revolutionize the Marketing Mix Modelling industry.From the very beginning, we knew that we needed to think differently if we were going to achieve our goal. We combined technology and advanced math to build our own infrastructure, algorithms, and software that would enable us to provide a more efficient and cost-effective service to our clients.Despite the challenges we faced as a startup, at NoiseGrasp we remained committed to our vision. Our hard work paid off, and with the support of amazing partners such as the Center for Mathematical Modeling of the University of Chile, our company became a leader in the field, serving mid to large businesses across a wide range of industries.And it wasn't just their clients who noticed. We quickly caught the attention of investors and accelerators, who recognized our company's potential to disrupt the industry and change the way business was done.Today, NoiseGrasp is a thriving company, with a bright future ahead. We know that our success depends on the incredible people that we assembled, and we will keep working together even on the darkest days to keep our vision alive.We continue to innovate and improve, always seeking out new ways to provide the best possible service to our clients. And we do it all with the same passion, dedication, and commitment that drove us from the very beginning.
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